Tana Oy has been awarded two certificates in recognition of excellence by Kauppalehti, Finland’s leading financial print media. The “Achiever 2020” certificate was awarded in recognition of Tana’s established operations, stable growth, and good financial results and profitability, and strong financial structure, while the “Growth Company 2020” certificate was awarded in recognition of Tana’s strong growth over the past three years.

For its Achiever certificate, Kauppalehti rates success by scoring a company’s financial performance on the basis of several key figures. For each subcategory, the company receives points both in its own size class compared to all companies in the Alma Talent Information Services database and other companies in the same industry. Companies are awarded Achiever certification if they perform better than their peers as analyzed by a professional financial analyst. Business success is based on the following subcategories:

  • Skillful management
  • Dedicated personnel
  • Efficient processes
  • Customer understanding

The Achiever certificate also anticipates the company’s future success and can therefore help Tana compete for future experts.

Companies that have clearly grown their business in the last three years can also be awarded Kauppalehti’s Growth Company certificate. When a company’s business grows for several years in a row, it indicates the company’s ability to engage in successful business. Significant revenue growth means that the company’s annual revenue growth has exceeded the industry average by at least 10 percent.

Tana Oy recorded its highest ever revenues for the financial period 04/2019–03/2020, amounting to approximately EUR 35 million. The company’s operating result was also extremely strong, amounting to EUR 3.3 million.

“Tana has built up a strong dealer network and invested in R&D on a long-term basis. Thanks to these efforts, our company’s products and competitiveness are at a very good level. This has also brought financial success and stability for continuing our growth as a supplier of waste management solutions. Our skilled and committed employees play a vital role in the company’s success,” says Kari Liuska, CEO of Tana Oy.