What if you temporarily have more waste to recycle than one machine can handle? What if your machine refuses to work? Or if you only want to process a lot of waste into a high quality end product once? Renting an (additional) TANA 440DTeco is a good idea! And now you can do so at Vking.

The TANA processes different materials into homogeneous particles. The 440 series offers even more flexibility than its predecessors, thanks to the greater variety of rotors, screen sizes and platforms. The shredders have an electric drive or a diesel drive. The 44 (forty-four!) blades on the rotor can handle the heaviest materials. Combined with an 80 cm discharge height, this increases capacity by as much as 25%. Thanks to the twelve operating programmes you can shred the waste exactly as you want it. The overpressure limit, the rotor speed and the speed of the conveyor belt can all be adjusted to your needs.

Tomorrow on your yard

“With one TANA 440DTeco you get done – faster and cheaper – the work for which you used to need two or three machines”, says Jo De Coninck from Vking.

And the best news is: this Rolls Royce of recycling machines can be on your yard tomorrow. Vking invested in a brand new machine at the beginning of this year.

“The TANA is ready to be used quickly. Our well-trained team maintains this mastodon down to the smallest cog. And, as always, we are happy to provide the necessary professional guidance to work correctly and efficiently with the machine”, says De Coninck.

So call Vking and a perfectly maintained TANA is already on its way. De Coninck is the manager of Vking in Borsbeke – formerly known as Aalst-Verhuur. The business is a for those who need an earth-moving machine and who value honest advice and quality service.

You will find the article as a whole in RecyclePro 2/2021, pages 86-87