Thailand is responding to the growing demand for electricity with a network of small Waste-to-Energy (W2E) plants. For Agon Pacific, the evolving energy and waste management sector means new business. In a country with a growing population, there is a need for services that make the circular economy more efficient. In its WastetoEnergy service model, Agon Pacific uses a TANA 440DT to produce tyre shred that is suitable for incineration on behalf of the customer.

In Prachinburi, Thailand, a yellow TANA 440DT mobile shredder swallows rejected tyres and spits out small chunks of rubber. At the same time, the machine separates the steel used for reinforcing the tyres. TANA 440DT waste shredder proved to be an ideal tool, which moves on tracks and runs on biodiesel. Among other criteria, the benefits included maintenance that is easy to anticipate by means of remote monitoring. 

The importance of durability combined with the predictability and ease of maintenance is emphasised when the machines are used to shred material for incineration. If the shredder is being repaired, the power plant will not receive the fuel it needs to operate, and the mountain of tyres that the customer has procured for fuel will continue to grow,” says Tommi Ijäs, co-founder and CEO of Agon Pacific.