Last week (7.10.2021) we had wonderful evening celebrating Tana 50th anniversary together with our partners. At the celebration, we wanted to reward our amazing partners for the cooperation and for the great work that has made everything possible.

Partner of the Year – Toijala Works Oy

Partner of the Year 2021 is Toijala Works Oy. Cooperation with Toijala Works has been started in the early 2000s. Today, broad cooperation consists of a product development, sales support and sourcing. The company’s contact people are professional, customer-oriented, flexible and have good stress tolerance – which is very necessary today. Despite some disagreements we have always finally found the best solution in good agreement. Toijala Works has been able to meet Tana’s growth expectations and has ensured that the machines can be delivered with higher quality around the world.

R&D partner of the Year – Epec Oy

R&D partner of the Year 2021 is our long-term partner Epec Oy. The company’s own expertise and investment has helped us to make products more reliable and higher quality. Epec has also been very flexible in terms of resources and has doubled the size of its own team which has supported our product development under a huge workload.

Newcomer of the Year – Levytyö Särkinen Oy

Newcomer of the Year 2021 is Levytyö Särkinen Oy. Cooperation with the company begun in the last financial year when we had received order for couple of landfill compactors from South Africa. However, there were problems accessing the required parts and we needed quickly new partner to handle the situation. Levytyö Särkinen started action and delivered the first parts with right quality on time. Eventually, customers’ machines could have been manufactured on time. This same quality has continued from the very beginning and our cooperation has further expanded.

Quality of the Year – Hydac Oy

Quality of the Year 2021 award goes to Hydac Oy. Positive feedback is not given too often when everything is working and products and services are high quality and delivered on time. Therefore, with this award, we want to honor Tana’s long-term partner. Cooperation with Hydac has been effortless and smooth, the products are high quality and deliveries have taken place on time. In addition, company actively develops its own products taking into account future needs and the latest trends. Together with Tana’s product development Hydac is willing to look for the most suitable solutions for Tana.