This year Tana Dealer Meeting was held in Tampere, Finland and partly virtually. The event gathered Tana distributors from all over the world together to look back at the past 12 months and to see all the great things ahead. The highlight of this event was the Tana Dealer of the Year awards, where we gave special recognitions to our distributors in different categories.

This year the prestigious title of Tana Dealer of the Year 2020 went to Smart Equipment. Their outstanding overall performance have not gone unnoticed not forgetting smooth cooperation. They have also had excellent ability to find new opportunities for Tana sales during the year 2020. Congratulations!

Just as importantly we awarded various of our authorized Tana distributors with special recognitions. The awards were given as follows:

Newcomer of the Year 2020 : Komunální technika, Czech Republic

Sales Person of the Year 2020: Shaun Walker, Tana Recycling Machinery UK

Excellence in service 2020: Matt Craft, Humdinger Equipment, USA

Excellence in marketing 2020: Tana Italia, Italy

In honor of the Tana 50th anniversary we wanted to give special recognition to the most longstanding Tana distributor, GCM Enviro Pty. Ltd. Company has been dedicated to Tana since 1998. They have had excellence in sales and customer service year in year out resulting in successful business and recognized Tana brand in Australia.

Thank you all for the amazing year 2020, without our distributors expertise and dedication Tana would not be where it is now. We look forward to do even greater things with you in the future!