The seemingly insatiable global demand for Chinese products means that the country itself struggles to produce enough packaging material for its manufacturing industry and the goods that are subsequently shipped worldwide. This created an unmissable business opportunity for New Horizon Plastics in Wales, which is currently exporting all the recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE) pellets it can produce, ably assisted by two TANA Shark 440DTeco machines that are helping turn industrial waste into this valuable processed material.

“We had one of the TANA Sharks on test for a month and that was all we needed – we ordered a new one from the dealer and have never looked back. We’re now processing approximately 100 tonnes of waste plastic every day and the machine is excellent. It does everything we need.”, says Philip Thomas, Director,  New Horizon Plastics.

A second TANA Shark 440DTeco machine has since been added to the fleet and the operation is now running 24 hours a day, with two shifts of 12 hours required to meet demand. The LDPE plastic arrives in ‘bales’ from blue-chip clients across the UK, such as supermarket chains and large industrial factories.