In January, we proudly announced that Tana Group Oy had earned the highest AAA credit rating granted by Dun&Bradstreet, which only about 3% of Finnish companies achieve. That’s not all, there’s reason to celebrate again! Tana Group Oy has now also earned the lowest Dun&Bradstreet risk rating 2023. If the highest rating was aimed for in the AAA credit rating, naturally the lowest result in the risk rating is the best.

There are a total of five risk categories,
1st category minimal risk
2nd category low risk
3rd category above average risk
4th category considerable risk
5th category unspecified – insufficient information

The requirements for getting into the lowest risk category are e.g. undisputed creditworthiness and economic growth. Only a select few of the Finnish companies belong to Dun&Bradstreet’s internationally known, lowest risk category 1.

Tana Group Oy’s belonging to the lowest risk category is a source of great pride for us, as well as a great honor for the work we do.