Tana Dealer meeting 2024

Before the hustle and bustle of IFAT 2024, we hosted our widely anticipated annual dealer meeting. The Tana dealer meeting has always been, without a fail, a fantastic opportunity to connect with our dedicated dealers and celebrate their outstanding achievements from the past 12 months. We were thrilled to hand out our 2023 awards, recognizing exceptional contributions in various areas. Here’s a look at the winners’ highlights from the awards.

Dealer of the year

The first award, Dealer of the Year, was presented to Máquina Solo. This award recognizes the outstanding performance, dedication, and results achieved throughout the year. Máquina Solo has consistently demonstrated excellence in all areas, making a significant impact on our business and setting a benchmark for others. The Brazilians’ innovative approaches both in business & marketing have been truly commendable.

Thank you and congratulations Maycon Pereira + Team Máquina Solo!

Máquina Solo

Salesperson of the year

Next, we honored Matthias De Coninck from Smart Equipment with the Salesperson of the Year award. This accolade is a testament to his remarkable sales achievements, customer relationship management, and relentless drive for success. Matthias has exceeded any and all expectations, contributing to our growth and strengthening our market presence. Their hard work and passion are truly inspiring.

Thank you and congratulations Matthias!

Matthias De Coninck

Excellence in Marketing

The Excellence in Marketing & Promoting Tana award went to Atlas Poland. This award highlights creativity and effectiveness in promotional activities. Atlas Poland has successfully launched campaigns that have boosted our brand visibility and engagement. Their innovative ideas have played a vital role in Tana’s top-of-mind awareness in Poland and Europe in general.

Thank you and congratulations Team Atlas Poland!

Atlas Poland

Atlas Poland Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Kwarcowa 3,
84-230 Rumia

Excellence in Service

Finally, we recognized Rovilson Freitas from EMSA Maquinaria with the Excellence in Service award. Rovilson has consistently gone above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, demonstrating a deep commitment to quality and excellence. His dedication to service and support has set a high standard for all of us. You are inspirational!

Thank you and congratulations Rovilson!

Rovilson Freitas

Our Dealer meeting 2024 was a remarkable event, filled with laughter and celebrations of hard work, dedication, and outstanding achievements. We are immensely proud of our award winners and sincerely grateful for the contributions of all our dealers. As the months and years roll on, we look forward to continued success and collaboration.

Thank you to everyone who made this meeting a memorable and inspiring occasion. Here’s to an exciting year ahead!