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Smarter and more efficient

When Tana was starting its business in the early Seventies, the times were very different from now. Re-using raw materials was not much of a priority and making use of the processed waste on a larger scale was still far in the future. When Tana built the first efficient machines for mechanical waste processing, the doors to a new thinking were opened – and so began their visionary work for realizing the value in waste. Over time, the added functionality and intelligence raised the recycling efficiency of their machines to a whole new level.

As Tana is starting its second 50-year cycle, the circular economy has become commonplace. The importance of recycling and waste utilization is realized all across the globe, while the improvements in technology make recycling more sensible and efficient. The new thinking that was in its bud 50 years ago has fulfilled its promises and blossomed to new possibilities. In this new world, Tana, its people as well as its partners continue their work for smarter, more efficient processing and utilization of waste.

How it all started

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