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Tana as a workplace

Tana's design and maintenance managers sat down to discuss what Tana is like as a workplace and how the career at Tana has progressed.

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tommi vänttinen suunnittelupäällikkö tana

Senior Engineering Manager, Tommi Vänttinen

Even if I say so myself, I am living proof that, a person coming from a design role can grow into a foreman role and get his own team. I originally joined Tana to do mechanical design, and slowly but surely, I have been given responsibility and I have also taken responsibility, and currently I am the foreperson of the team responsible for maintenance planning.

What makes a person stay in the same workplace for two decades? Probably the most significant factors are a good working community, good tools, and interesting products. Tana offers challenges and we are a company that is constantly moving forward. We always want to do something new and be at the forefront of development, this is what keeps working at Tana interesting. Well, we also have great colleagues, an open atmosphere, and a supportive work community, from which you can always get help when necessary. Here no one is left alone.

petteri tiainen suunnittelupäällikkö ohjausjärjestelmät tana

Engineering Manager, Control systems, Petteri Tiainen

The best aspects of my job are the interesting and varied tasks, as well as the right amount of challenges. Almost as many challenges as you want to take on! For the first few years, I pretty much worked as a one-man automation team, taking care of the electrical design of our machines, and defining the control systems. Over the years the team has grown and thus, for example electrical design work, I’ve been able to leave off of my plate. Thanks to this, more of my time has been freed up for specification work and testing.

Yes, I’m pretty much in a place right now where I like to be. We are growing strongly, developing new products, and expanding the product offering – through that, there will certainly be new challenges in the horizon. You won’t be bored, that’s for sure.


Dealer Support Managers, Matti Pösö and Janne Arjanka

Matti: I do like my job. We have a great group of people in the service team.

Janne: We have great people in every department. I like my job very much! My work is versatile; a big plus in this job is that you get to visit different countries and get to know different cultures.

Matti: I also like the versatility of my work. You get to travel a bit, and you don’t have to sit in the office every day, and we also have a flexible remote work -policy. I have learned so many new things during my Tana career. You learn something new every day; about technology, electromechanics, hydraulics, the list goes on. And of course, the international work environment offers something new to learn on a daily basis too.

Janne: Tana as a workplace? Yes, I would recommend working at Tana. If you’re looking for versatile and challenging work, to be honest, you can do pretty much anything here. If you think you can do something, show it. We will find you a place here.

Matti: Very well said.