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TANA H520 landfill compactor

EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3

Unique design for harsh environments

Twin drums - Fewer passes, smooth and dense surface

Spacious cabin - Maximum safety and comfort for operator

New TANA Control System (TCS) - For easy machine operation

TANA ProTrack® - To maximize uptime and improve cost analysis

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Highest level of compaction on the market

Save 10% with higher compaction! Landfill airspace is expensive, but with a TANA H520 landfill compactor you can achieve the highest level of compaction and save on average 10%.

TANA offers the first purpose-built landfill compactors on the market. TANA landfill compactors are the result of long-term product development and proven solutions that create real benefits for your business. Their full-width twin-drum construction, rigid frame and crushing teeth are among the unique features that set TANA landfill compactors apart from other landfill compactors on the market. Their design provides maximized uptime and simplified maintenance. With fewer passes, excellent drivability and straightforward machine management and controls, TANA landfill compactors are able to handle waste on landfills in the most cost-efficient way, providing better compaction and waste management capacity with lower operating costs.

General information

Operating weight 52 000 kg
Crushing force 255 kN
Rated power (SAE J1995) 535 bhp(399kW)@2100 rpm
Emissions EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3
Speed 0–4 km/h 0–10 km/h
Compaction width, front / rear 3800/ 3800 mm

Compacting 10% more

Tana’s unique design:

  • Full width drums
  • Rigid frame
  • Large size crushing teeth

Operational features:

  • High ground clearance – easy operation on rough terrains
  • Cabin on the front frame – full forward visibility
  • Easy access for maintenance – safe and quicker maintenance
  • Low center of gravity – good gradeability
  • LED working lights – safe operation in late hours
  • Full automatic HVAC system – operator comfort
  • Touch screen display – user friendly interface for the operator

Increased efficiency and comfort for operator

26 options to choose from, below listed some examples: 

  • Operative options: fire suppression system, windscreen cover  
  • Comfort options: Air-conditioned seat, heated mirrors, cabin pre-heater (electric or diesel) 
  • Extra options: engine and hydraulic oil pre-heater (electric or diesel), automatic central lubrication system, electric fuel tank filling pump.