Combining the reliability and versatility of the machines themselves with smart software solutions and responsive technical support, TANA products afford high compaction rates and minimal downtimes to landfill waste operations.

The Mountain View Waste Commission in Alberta, Canada, has been using TANA products in its landfill operations for some years now, namely the TANA Shark 440DTeco shredder and the TANA E380eco landfill compactor. In a marked contrast to previously used products from other suppliers, Landfill Manager Ryan Verbonac says the Commission has seen its compaction rate go through the roof. What’s more, the TANAs are designed to be comfortable and convenient to use, which adds up to fewer hours spent on compaction overall. 

Looking at the shredder, Verbonac says the 440DTeco has been a solid tool on the site and a superior product by comparison to other machines:Our operators have really enjoyed running it. We’ve had two other shredders here”. The TANA is a particularly versatile shredder, so working on the various materials that come through the landfill gets done without having to switch back and forth between different machines. This expedites the whole process, contributing to the exceptional rate of compaction. 

“The shredder can do mattresses, wood, tree branches, all that stuff”. 

TANA in Mountain View Waste

Efficiency through minimal downtime 

Downtimes cost time and money, so keeping things up and running is a priority for any operation. The machines are built for durability, while the TANA ProTrack® information management system facilitates fast and effective troubleshooting in the event of any disruptions. ProTrack allows overseeing the machines while they’re running and quickly honing in on the cause of an interruption to the usual performance of the equipment. As the system helps identify the source of technical issues, the Tana service staff can promptly arrive on-site ready to repair the problem and return the machine to normal operation. Replacement parts between the shredder and compactor are also interchangeable, so the same parts will fit either machine if one of them goes down. 

“The most downtime we’ve had in two and a half years is maybe two hours, Verbonac says.  According to Verbonac, between their versatility, reliability, and great service, the TANA machines have raised the bar in landfill waste management for the Mountain View Waste Commission: 

“It’s far beyond what the competition ever supplied to us”. 

TANA shredder in Mountain View Wase