This question should be the number one priority on your list. The waste fraction may differ, but knowing the costs of your shredding operations is crucial when it comes to creating a profitable waste shredding business. 

Generally speaking, the costs can be divided into 

Machinery acquisition costs

Fuel expenses

Maintenance costs

Operator wages

We are sure that you know exactly how much you have paid for your machinery and you have a good idea of how much an operator costs per hour. We also know the fuel price and typical maintenance costs. 

But do you know what is the cost of shredding one tonne of tyres? You could probably figure it out with some advanced maths, but do you really want to spend your time doing sums with a pencil and paper (or Excel)? What if you constantly had that information at your fingertips? 

Enter TANA ProTrack®

TANA ProTrack® is a real time information system that gives you access to all the vital numbers for your processes. With TANA ProTrack®, you can cut your operating costs and keep track of how much money you use to shred a given amount of waste– one tonne of tyres, for instance. With that knowledge, you can adjust your processes to get more value out of waste and acquire more business! Now that you know how to find out the cost of shredding one tonne of tyres, next – read more about reusing end of life tyres or head on to our products page and see how we could help your business thrive!