Tana Oy is taking the lead in sustainable development with its Rebuild Programme, which reflects our uncompromising commitment to redefining waste management and the reutilisation of Tana devices. The changes brought by the Rebuild Programme do not apply only to our products; instead, the programme represents a transition to longer product life cycle, resource efficiency and the circular economy. 

Towards the circular economy together with Tana 

Kalle Saarimaa, CEO of Tana Oy, emphasises, “Operating in accordance with the principles of sustainable development is an essential part of Tana’s growth story, and the Rebuild Programme is the next concrete step for us in our company’s transition towards the circular economy.” 

In the programme, Tana devices are given a guaranteed “second life” by refurbishing and remanufacturing them, providing them with a longer product life cycle; instead of having to purchase a new device, customers can continue to operate with an already existing device. This not only reduces the consumption of raw materials needed to manufacture new devices but also minimises the generation of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Successful pilot and expansion plans 

Tana has successfully piloted the rebuilding of its devices, and wide-scale operations are now being launched together with partners. 

“There is a growing demand among our customers for services that extend the life cycle of their devices. Having more than 1000 TANA devices in active use provides a strong basis for scaling the already piloted Rebuild Programme in the near future and in this way extend the life cycle of our products in a sustainable way,” says Teemu Lintula, Vice President, Services & Digital Solutions, at Tana. 

The programme complies with the principles of sustainable development in the following ways: 

  • Extending the life cycle of devices reduces the environmental and social costs of manufacturing 
  • The method reduces the consumption of our planet’s limited resources 
  • Local rebuilds reduce the carbon footprint of international logistics 
  • The local operating model minimises environmental impacts, keeping continuous service and support close to the customer 

Multiple benefits of the Rebuild Programme 

The Tana Rebuild Programme does not only save natural resources and reduce the environmental footprint; it also offers financial benefits, as well as other benefits related to reliability and local economic growth. 

1. Financial benefits

The Rebuild Programme generates significant savings and financial benefits for customers. The life cycle of our devices and their depreciation periods are extended at a cost-effective price compared to replacing them with new devices. Rebuilding devices is not only financially sustainable; it is also good for the environment. 

2. Improved reliability 

Rebuilding devices results into longer product life cycle, ensuring both reliability and productivity. High-quality components and certified processes ensure that rebuilt devices retain their original performance. Optimal performance reduces operational interruptions and improves overall productivity. 

3. Close to the customer 

The Tana Rebuild Programme aims to minimise the transport of devices, as well as related emissions, and to carry out the projects locally close to the customer. Rebuilds are performed in Northern Europe by Tana and elsewhere in the world by authorised dealers locally in close cooperation with Tana. 

A good example of the Rebuild Programme is Tana’s North American distributor Humdinger Equipment Ltd., which is authorised to perform locally certified equipment refurbishments and rebuilds. Humdinger and Tana have already performed several rebuilds together, and in North America devices can even be given two full-scale rebuilds during their life cycle, thereby giving the device a third life on top of its second life. 

Challenges and opportunities 

Although the implementation of the global Rebuild Programme will be challenging for Tana and its dealers, and the related investments in training, new processes and culture change will require investments, the opportunities and benefits offered by the programme are enormous. 

The Tana Rebuild Programme represents a change towards more sustainable business operations. By rebuilding our devices, Tana can contribute to reducing the consumption of our planet’s limited resources. The programme’s impact is far-reaching, creating a model of “reduce, reuse, recycle and rebuild”. Tana’s bold Rebuild Programme opens the way to a more sustainable, responsible and circular economy-oriented future. 

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