Our customer in Belgium was processing 100 000 tons of industrial heavy waste annually using three different machines. After purchasing a TANA 440DT shredder, 280 tons of industrial, non-presorted waste including hard fractions is now processed in 14 hours with one machine. During a normal work week they process 1400 tons of industrial waste to a particle size of max 15 cm. This increases annual output by 92 000 tons compared to earlier.

TANA Shark is the only machine on the market that covers the whole process from pre-shredding, final shredding and screening. When two-times shredding is not needed, huge savings in time and money are gained. Screening facilities give customer a possibility to monitor waste type and end user requirements all the time. TANA Shark reduces your costs.

With great performance, TANA Shark generates the customer 53% savings in diesel compared to the earlier used Doppstadt Buffalo when processing industrial heavy waste. An average of 70 l / hour of diesel is used for an output of 20 tons of waste into a fragment size max 15 cm. Per litre this means 0,29 tons of processed waste. As a comparison, earlier the figures were 13 tons/hour and 0,19 tons/litre.

For our customer this all means 520€ more money per day and 2600€ in a five-day week. The monthly saving is 10 400€ and annual saving 124 800€. No wonder our customer is very satisfied with the new setting.

In a nutshell, this is how TANA Shark 440DT added value to our customer in Belgium

54% increase of the amount of the industrial heavy waste processed

From 100 000 to 192 000 tons / year

53% savings in fuel consumption

From 0,19 tons/litre to 0,29 tons/litre

Ability to monitor process in real-time and to get alarms from deviations to avoid damages

Better interaction and control over the process

As the TANA ProTrack® remote management and control system is combined to the TANA Shark, our customer can now control and manage the waste shredding process in real-time.

TANA ProTrack® gives us a possibility to monitor and optimize our process in real-time. Alarms from critical deviations as well as maintenance reminders are sent to us automatically by e-mail. We can access the control panel via internet anytime and get immediately in touch with Tana Service when needed. This helps us both in preventing critical issues and in reacting faster and more precise than before, says the customer.

Using TANA ProTrack®, our customer has already been able to optimize fuel consumption by adjusting certain operational issues in running the machine.