At Kuusakoski, Heinola, Finland contractor Peter Blomberg has shredded old tyres with TANA Shark waste shredder for half a year. According to Blomberg, the best thing about TANA is that the TANA Shark working flawlessly due to its portability, user-friendliness, great maintenance service and ability to shred tyres in several particle sizes, is everything you could hope for. Thus, two different machines are not required and you can save time and money.

“We have also two other shredders from other brands but TANA is more versatile. By changing screens particle size can be easily adjusted. TANA is also easy to move around the site because you can drive it from the cabin of the loading machine. Shredders from other brands are semi-trailers but TANA moves on tracks”, Blomberg notes.

Tons of savings

According to Blomberg, TANA Shark can get surprisingly good hourly output when you first learn how to feed the machine.

“You can fine-tune TANA’s conveyor and rotor speeds. These features increase shredding efficiency. Portability of TANA also speeds up the work when you can move TANA around the site from the cabin of the loading machine and you don’t have to come down in-between. This way you can save tons”, Blomberg says.

TANA maintenance and spare part services are also worked flawlessly.

“I haven’t had any problems with Tana. They have always answered when I have called and if I order new knives today the order will be here by the next few days. TANA works, I can’t say anything else”, Blomberg sums up smiling.

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