We are thrilled to present the top performers of 2023 that captivated the audience. Delve into the list of top-performing videos, guides, and articles to discover the highlights. What took center stage in 2023? Which YouTube video gained the most views? Did any industry expert delve into the narrative of plastic shredding? Take a look at the list to make sure you haven’t overlooked any vital insights from the past year. Explore the top 3 best-performing videos, guides & articles of 2023.

Best performing videos

1. TANA Shark 440DTeco – even more versatile waste shredder

The TANA Shark 440DTeco secured the top spot as the most-watched video on Tana Oy YouTube channel, accumulating over 1000 hours of viewing time. When converted to days, this impressive figure reaches a total of 41.6 days. Renowned for its versatility, this mobile waste shredder consistently highlights its unique features, establishing itself as a benchmark in waste management solutions. The question remains: will this video maintain its podium place in the year 2024?

2. TANA shredder – Tyre shredding with one pass to 80 mm (3 in)

Claiming the second spot is the video showcasing the TANA slow-speed shredder transforming tyres into an 80 mm particle size in a single pass. The efficiency of the TANA Shark 440 has captured the attention of viewers throughout 2023, accumulating a total watching time of nearly 600 hours. This video is undoubtedly worth a watch, serving as an example of precision in tyre shredding technology. If you find it impressive, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up on YouTube!

3. Fantastic plastic processing made easy with TANA

Third most watched video delves into the success story of New Horizon Plastics, a UK-based recycling company processing 100 tonnes of waste plastic daily. Not only are they addressing environmental concerns by reducing plastic waste, but they are also meeting overseas demands for new packaging materials.  This video has a well-orchestrated story line with real life case explained, so no wonder it got a podium place.

Best performing guides

1.How to choose the waste shredder

Someone wise once said that the more you know about your machine, the more you know about your business. So understandably, this guide took the first place due to its important content. This guide provides valuable insights about selecting the right waste shredder, offering guidance on factors crucial for optimizing waste management processes and real life examples with a company case included. Do you already have a copy? Get yours today!

2.How to choose the right compactor

The second place of most downloads goes to exploring the essentials of landfill compactors. If you are looking for hands-on considerations for choosing the right compactor to meet your needs, then this one is for you.  From the search of a new compactor to efficently using one, this guide also has great insight knowledge for experienced landfill managers about waste compaction efficiency.

3.Tyre shredding

Third place of most downloaded guides goes to shedding tyres. The guide is like a mini online course to tyre shredding, uncovering key possibilities and offering detailed information about techniques and technologies to achieve optimal results. This guide suits people who are

  • planning to shred tyres
  • evaluating the best possibilities to utilize the end product
  • in the need for more information
  • want to build a profitable business case

Best performing articles

1.Turning industrial waste into LDPE pellets

In 2023, LDPE Pallets captured the attention of more than 500 enthusiasts keen on understanding the evolution of industrial waste. This article delves into inventive methods for converting industrial waste into LDPE pellets, showcasing sustainable approaches in waste management. The emphasis on versatility remains a pivotal theme in this article, continuing to be one of the top priorites also in 2024.

2.How can a TANA improve your business

There are diverse ways in which TANA solutions can positively impact and elevate various industrial sectors, offering tangible benefits for businesses. How can a TANA improve your business? Read the top 2 most read story next.

3. Cost of shredding one tonne of tyres

Have you already read the article about the cost of shredding? Gain insights into the economic aspects of tyre shredding as this article breaks down the costs associated with shredding one tonne of tyres, providing a comprehensive understanding for businesses. To go to the article, press here