Steady burning process in a heating unit requires pure wood particles of a certain size and no fine wood dust is tolerated. Our customer in France had true problems with the dust forming at the shredding of waste wood with their two Doppstadts. Even 20 % of the total output was fine wood dust which does not have any value. Now they are using TANA Shark 440D for the entire shredding process. The dust problem is eliminated and at the same time the shredding costs are significantly lower.

– Earlier we used Doppstadt DW3060 for the pre-shredding and AK430 for the finalization process. The latter caused our biggest problems by producing a huge amount of fine wood dust. Because of this weak link, we lost 20 % of our operating efficiency. In addition, cleaning the machines and surroundings from layered dust took many maintenance hours per month, the customer says.

The wood dust was not the only reason to consider changing the machines. Using two separate machines for shredding made the whole process inefficient and despite processing the raw material twice, the particle size still was not homogeneous enough to satisfy the requirements of their customer.

– Our process was doubled in every stage. We processed the material twice and thus loaded the shredders twice. Inefficiency was crowned by the fact that the whole shredding process was defined by the output speed of the slower shredder. This made the faster shredder to waste time and money on idle. Now when we use a TANA Shark 440D we are able to operate the whole process with one machine in only one pass and we obtain a very homogeneous end result. This has brought us massive savings in both fuel and personnel costs.

TANA Shark 440D replaces Doppstadt DW3060 and AK430

Simplifying the process by replacing two Doppstadt shredders with only one TANA Shark 440D was the answer to our customers’ needs for shredding waste wood. With 50 000 tons of average production annually, our customer is now saving 103 000 euros/year in operating costs.

Versatile shredder cuts wood, wires, metals and plastics

The material of the compost wood waste includes often some wires, metals and plastics that are commonly causing problems with the shredders on  the market.

– Earlier, the wires and the plastic materials wrapped around the rotor. This problem is history for us, because the cutting technology and torque of the TANA Shark 440D is cutting even the hardest, slimmest and the most elastic materials with ease. This is very crucial for us.

One shredder, many shredding options

-We are very impressed by our new TANA Shark 440D. We have gotten better quality and possibility to utilize the same machine for many different purposes.  We no longer need separate machines and solutions for shredding wood, metal, plastics, tyres or MSW – TANA Shark 440D takes care of everything we need in the future for shredding!

Doppstadt DW3060 (pre-shredding) TANA Shark 440D
× Not cutting the material, but tearing
× Troubles with wires
Besides wood, TANA Shark can handle wires, metal particles, long and elastic plastics, tyres and other rubbers easily with the most efficient cutting technology
× Bad ergonomy for changing knives √ Changing knives can be done easily in minutes by opening the side door.
Doppstadt AK430 (finalization)
× Troubles with metal and stone particles (possibility to damage the machine) √ No fear of damage due to random metal and stone particles. Metal particles can be removed with an overband magnet in the process
× Creating fine wood dust (20 %) in the process which has no value No fine wood dust produced in the shredding process, particle quality is excellent for burning purposes
Additional benefits
Perform the shredding process with just one machine in just one pass
√ No need for a separate screening process at the end, which eliminates the need to use loaders for a complete of 3 different stages during the process. Only one loading needed with TANA Shark 440D
Lower the costs of operation from 5,83 €/ton to 3,77 €/ton
√ Possibility to use TANA Shark with different materials, a perfect all-around shredder