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Compact 10% more

Superior design. Nonoscillating, rigid frame utilizes the weight of the machine through the full-width drums and the crushing teeth. The end result is a smooth, firmly compacted area.

With a TANA landfill compactor you can achieve highest level of compaction and save on average 10%.

Choose the right type of compactor

and maximise your profits

E Series

Highest level of compaction in the market

Tana offers the first purpose-built landfill compactors on the market. TANA landfill compactors are the result of long-term product development and proven solutions that create real benefits for your business. Their full-width twin-drum construction, rigid frame and crushing teeth are among the unique features that set TANA landfill compactors apart from other landfill compactors on the market.

Full-width drums produce an unrivalled smooth and dense surface

Rigid frame provides optimum crushing force

Large size crushing teeth are made of solid steel

E Series

H Series

Tana’s unique design provides maximized uptime and simplified maintenance. With fewer passes, excellent drivability and straightforward machine management and controls, TANA landfill compactors are able to handle waste on landfills in the most cost-efficient way, providing better compaction and waste management capacity with lower operating costs. 

Available models H260 and H320 with tier 3 or tier 4 engines

Unique TANA design with its twin drums, rigid frame and crushing teeth

H Series